Accessing a web server on a virtual machine hosted on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS

After you install Ubuntu Server 12.04 (host), then you install a virtual box guest (Windows 2008 Server x64 in my case) and install your services on the guest. You'll have to do the following to access your guest's web server:

Windows Firewall ! Your guest does not enable port 80\8080 by default

If that doesn't fix it already, try turning your guest's NIC into promiscuous mode:

VBoxManage modifyvm "Win2008Server_x64" --nicpromisc1 allow-all

This of course implies that Ubuntu iptables do allow port 80. If you have just installed the server then you have no rules what so ever and all connections are allowed by default so it iptables won't be an issue then.

If you find the first step enough to resolve this, please mention it in a comment. Thanks.


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