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Hosting Apache Tapestry5.1 on GAE (Google App Engine)

Assalam Alikom
In this post, I'll try to explain the steps I took to host Tapestry5.1 on google app engine.

First of all here is my application.
A very good place to start is here. This page will help you know what will, won't or will partially work on Google app engine.
Now straight to tapestry5.1 stuff ..
public class AppModule {
public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration config)   {
  config.add(SymbolConstants.PRODUCTION_MODE, "false"); //This mainly affects how exceptions are reported, I'm   not sure - and I don't think - its vital to host tapestry   on GAE.
  config.add("tapestry.thread-pool-enabled", "false"); //Now this is a must !, GAE restriction.
  config.add(SymbolConstants.APPLICATION_VERSION, "0.1");// This is to override the random number generated by tapestry in assets paths
2)There as a compatibility issue between tapestry5 and GAE, that's why your are obviously here…