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Samsung C6112 Review

Recently I bought this phone and I'm deeply unsatisfied with it for numerous reasons and As a summery, almost every everything about this phone is stupid, and I mean actually "stupid".

Recorded movie quality is terrible.Camera is SO INSENSITIVE to light. So it's almost always dark even in night mode.Night mode only exists while taking pictures, not video.
[Media Player] Whatever I do, I can't play mp4 movies but the ones the phone recorded. I tried converting my movies to mp4 with many different audio\video rates. Only one configuration worked and it wrecked the movie quality.Camera has no flashWhen forwarding\rewinding using the music player for quite some time, a) The phone could be locked if the slide is up. b) The phone display light goes off of it's short in duration. Note that in both cases you are holding down the right\left key !Long audio\video clips are a curse if you wish to jump to a specific time if the clip is too long. Because the fast-for…