Samsung C6112 Review

Recently I bought this phone and I'm deeply unsatisfied with it for numerous reasons and As a summery, almost every everything about this phone is stupid, and I mean actually "stupid".

  • Recorded movie quality is terrible.
  • Camera is SO INSENSITIVE to light. So it's almost always dark even in night mode.
  • Night mode only exists while taking pictures, not video.

[Media Player]
  • Whatever I do, I can't play mp4 movies but the ones the phone recorded. I tried converting my movies to mp4 with many different audio\video rates. Only one configuration worked and it wrecked the movie quality.
  • Camera has no flash
  • When forwarding\rewinding using the music player for quite some time, a) The phone could be locked if the slide is up. b) The phone display light goes off of it's short in duration. Note that in both cases you are holding down the right\left key !
  • Long audio\video clips are a curse if you wish to jump to a specific time if the clip is too long. Because the fast-forwarding\rewinding feature isn't smart enough to increase the acceleration rate. Meaning that If I hold the left\right button down, first it moves by one second, then 2..and the rate increases till it reaches a specific rate and then the rate increase stops so you keep shifting with a steady rate of 20 seconds for example. I hope I was clear here I know it's confusing.

  • All the games that came with the phone were terrible and a demo !!
  • Radio never runs without the headphones. Even if it's set as an alarm to run some radio station, you will have to spend the night sleeping with the earphones in your ears in order to hear the radio station when the alarm goes !!!!!
  • The pc software to manage the phone is so stupid. Most of the changes you do on the software is NOT reflected on the phone including but not limited to music libraries and phone entries groups management.

[Phone book]
  • When I restored my backed-up phone entries, the groups where reset. I still had the groups but they were empty. So I'll have to deal with identical names which I'm not sure who I know from work or from college !

  • The phone is locked when you close the sliding part. Ok may sound logical but I can't disable it. And then I use the phone while the slide is up, it locks after a while, fine but I can't even control the functionality timing !
  • In offline mode, the phone can only vibrate so for example you won't hear any alarms.
  • It's very slow during navigation (i.e. not very responsive)
  • To remove the memory card you have to remove the battery.
  • The earphones has no clip to hold into my clothes so they VERY EASILY drop from my ears if I look around or something.

I can't remember anything else but in the end, I'll NEVER..EVER buy a samsung in my life.


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