How to undo Git commits ?

You'll need to "reset" the last commit by running the following git command
git reset HEAD~
If you wish to undo more that one git commit, add the number of commits to be undone after the tilda, for example:
git reset HEAD~3
git reset undo your commits and leaves your, previously committed files, in an unstaged state. If you would like to leave the uncommitted files in a staged state, add the parameter --soft to the reset command, for example:
git reset --soft HEAD~2
From here, you can proceed with updating\committing your files.

Taming VI on Ubuntu

Install V IMproved
sudo apt-get install vim

Create\edit ~/.vimrc to have the following lines
set nocompatibleset backspace=2

Testing SOAP services using pingdom

This post gives half the answer I needed to test SOAP services . The other half of the answer was to override the default Content-Type HTTP header added by pingdom (Check the 11th point in the Optional Parameters section).

To override the header, just add one with a blank space. This worked for me and may be for you too.

Also another thing I had to do while testing web services developed using Apache Axis (I don't know which version), is that I had to specify a SOAPAction header with the value "" (The value is 2 double quotes, not an empty value)

Generally, you need successfully send a POST request to the service and find out what HEADER you are missing (i.e. to add it) or adding (i.e. to remove it). You can use SOAP UI to do that. But SOAP UI doesn't show sent HEADER by default, so you'll need to download TCPMon (Which records and displays communications), start it, and let it proxy connections on a specific port, then configure SOAP UI to use that port as a pro…

Useful Java VM options

Display possible java options:java -X

Display java default values:java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -version

What plugins to install after installing Eclipse Luna for J2EE developers

This list shall be extended as time goes by ISA


maven-dependency-plugin (goals "copy-dependencies", "unpack") is not supported by m2e.

Download this file and save it somewhere on your disk.In Eclipse/Preferences/Maven/Lifecycle Mappings dialog, click the Browse button and select the file you just saved.While focusing on your project. (i.e. Clicking it), press Alt+F5. This will refresh your project in Eclipse. This error should be ignored now.

Things to do after installing M2E (Maven integration) on Eclipse

Open Window > PreferencesOpen Maven > ArchetypesClick 'Add Remote Catalog' and add the following:Catalog File: Maven CatalogThis is to add numerous archetypes in Maven's catalog so you would be able to create a project based on any of these archetypes.